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bookfails's Journal

Books that fail
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Original LJ community for books that fail.

Book Fails!
About Book Fails Our Rules
Welcome to bookfails! There are so many book communties on here that do reviews on great books. But what about the books you DON'T like? This is what bookfails is for. Save money from buying crappy books and warn others about books that just fail. Post books you have read or have tried to read that you hated or disliked. Do reviews on books that you don't think others should read. Just join and follow the rules.Questions about certain authors/books are also welcomed. There are NEW theme days every week. Take any questions or problems to crimes.
1. Post books and book reviews on books you don't like.
2. All long reviews and big pictures need to be behind a LJ cut.
3. No post deletions, that alone is FAILURE. I can however delete a post if I feel it doesn't belong here.
4. If you post a entry and people comment, do not delete comments. Comment deletion = banning.
5. No selling or swapping books, go to bookswamp for that.
6. Tags are your friend, USE them! Same goes for titles.
7. No promoting, want to be a sister community, message a mod.
Worst Awards! Important Details
Week #1: Worst Female Character: voting 05/30/12:
We are currently voting for a theme day! Please come and vote (:
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